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IP Address Research and History

We provide historical reports for any IP address range or ASN number.

IP addresses with histories of illicit activity can cost you web visitors or cause other services you use to be blocked. So, these reports can help avoid potentially costly problems.

Procedure for Ordering


First place your order. You will receive an email within a few seconds with a link to a Report Order Form. Please visit the page link and complete the form with the details requested and submit it to us. You will receive the report back from us within 4 business hours or less.

You will see a report showing every address observed attempting unauthorized access to systems and services.

Additional "deep dive" reports are available which provide details of every contact observed. Pricing will depend on the scope of the request. Contact us for more information.

Reports include all observed activity from one IP range or one ASN number.

$30.00 USD

Please allow up to 4 business hours to process your request.

You will receive your report by return email.